U-911 G-PK


Optional: Knobs

Weight(kg): G.W: 24  N.W: 22

Product size / Cut-out size(mm): 860×500 / 831x473mm

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Edgeless Minimalist Aesthetic Design:

Integrated flat top sheet design

1.2mm stainless steel top sheet, fitting perfectly with desktop, gives edgeless and seamless expression.

Beautiful and elegant, very easy to clean.

Integrated Flat Design:

Extremely flat burners and innovative cross-bridge designed pan supports.

Simple but more generous cooking space.

Squared Metal Knobs, Ergonomic Design For Better Touching

Extremely Flat Burner Design:

Original Italy SABAF burner

Highly performance work burner

Multi-Burners Layout:

More convenient and more powerful cooking experience.

Enjoy conjuring up lavish meals with lots of pots and pans.

Provides you with sufficient cook space.

Nine Steps Flame Control:

Adjustable and accurate

Original Spanish Flame Failure Device:

Sensitive flame failure device to guarantee usage safety-If the gas flame is temporarily extinguished e.g. a pan boils over or due to a draught, a flame failure device wills stop the supply of gas.

Child-Lock Knobs:

Internal child-lock and micro-switches to avoid accidental ignition under condition of daily maintenance or child contact.

Water-Proof Design:

360 degree water-proof for safety- Knob and burner sealing rubber ring, Built-in desk rubber mat.

Easy Clean Design:

Flat and Smooth Stainless Steel, Dead Zone free Easy Clean.

Removable Burner Heads For Perfect Clean.





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