Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling

Are you looking to maintaining your walls at low cost and minimum effort? Look no further, because Al Asif is providing you with the service of PVC paneling to make your walls visually outstanding. PVC panels enhance the interior of your home and make it trendy. You can install PVC panels on your walls, ceilings, or more. At Al Asif, find a huge variety of PVC panels with free installation. Visit us today or contact us now.

Blinds are highly functional and make your space aesthetically pleasing. With blinds, you can easily modify the interior and also exterior of your home or business.

There are different types, materials, and designs of blinds. At Al Asif, there is a huge catalog of beautiful blinds to select from. Our highly trained staff will help you in selecting the best blind that suits your requirements and installs it free of cost. We believe in customer satisfaction. And treat our clients like a family. Visit us today and get 10% off on all of our blinds collection.

PVC Panelling in Islamabad


If you are looking for a PVC Panel service in Islamabad, visit our shop to get it done. Our interior stores in Islamabad are located in F-10, B-17, and DHA. We have different kinds and patterns of PVC panels. If you want to change the feel of your place, contact us now and get free PVC panel installation in Islamabad.

PVC Panelling in Rawalpindi


If you are a resident of Rawalpindi and looking for PVC panel service, visit our shops in Rawalpindi at Murree Road and DHA. We believe in our client’s satisfaction. You will find a high-quality PVC panel at Al Asif with free installation.

Types of PVC Panels for Interior

  1. Fluted PVC Panelling
  2. 3D PVC Panels

Characteristics of PVC Panels

  • Water and Thermal Resistance
  • Highly Durable and Cost-Effective
  • Seepage Solution/ Damaged Wall Solution
  • Mildew Resistance

3D PVC Paneling

3D panels have an embossing effect which gives a modern and extant look. With a fusion of lights, it gives depth to your walls. You can find 3D wall panels in Rawalpindi and Islamabad at an affordable price in our shops.

Fluted PVC Paneling

PVC sheets are flutes or longitudinal sheets. These are light in weight. Sheets are joined to make a design. Edges are locked so no liquid can pass through them. Al Asif has all kinds of wooden patterns, golden stripes, solid colors, and marble textures PVC Sheets. Get your PVC paneling done today by us with free services.

Why you should Install PVC Panel?

  • PVC Panels resist moisture. It protects your wall from dampness.
  • PVC Panels are environment friendly. You can install them in hospitals, gyms, schools, cinemas, homes, offices, restaurants, and more.
  • It is the best seepage and wall-damaged solution.
  • PVC Panel protects from dirt and bacterias.
  • PVC Panels have a long life.
  • PVC Panel protects your walls and surfaces from rust.
  • They are light in weight.
  • PVC Panels are durable and hygienic.
  • PVC Panels can be recycled. It is beneficial for our environment.
  • If any of the single panels get damaged, they can be changed without replacing all panels.
  • PVC Panel does not need extra polish or paint. They are cost-saving for a longer period.
  • They are good for room and sound insulation.
  • They do not need extra care. They only need to be wiped out with a damp cloth once a month.

We have PVC panels in different colors, designs, textures, thickness, and shapes. You can select of your own choice. With beautiful panels, you can create attractive walls and ceilings. We have a team of professionals who can help you in selecting PVC wall panels for your homes. We provide you PVC panels of great quality that are reliable and sophisticated at reasonable prices. Visit Al Asif today and get 10% off with the free installation.