Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Are you looking to upgrade your space with artificial grass? Al Asif with more than 30 years of experience is a professional artificial grass installer who will do a complete landscape job in your space, whether it’s a wall, floor, or stairs. We are providing free artificial grass installation in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Contact us now or visit our shop today.

Artificial Grass in Islamabad

If you are living in Islamabad and looking for artificial grass, visit our shop in F-10, B-17, and DHA Islamabad. We are providing high-quality artificial grass with free installation in Islamabad.

Artificial Grass in Rawalpindi

If you are a residence of Rawalpindi and looking for artificial grass to give a modern look to your place, visit our shop in Murree road and DHA. We are providing high-quality artificial grass with free artificial grass installation in Rawalpindi.

Al Asif provides you a variety of design options for artificial grass, you can select the color, heap, length, density, the texture of artificial grass which means you can customize according to your choice.

Artificial grass makes your place look appealing and fresh. It can be added to the offices, balconies, poolside, open terraces, playing area, restaurants and cafes, hotels, golf courses, gyms, and more.

Why to Install Artificial Grass

  • Artificial grass is the most convenient and smart solution because it does not require any maintenance.
  • Artificial grass gives an aesthetical look whatever the weather is. It will always stay green as the weather has no impact on the turf.
  • If you are moving to some other country or city, you do not have to worried about watering your grass as artificial does not grow.
  • Artificial grass does not need water like natural grass so it saves water and water bills.
  • Artificial grass is hygienic as it can wash away any dirt or animal waste on it.
  • Artificial grass is cost-saving for the long term as it does not require fertilizer like natural grass.
  • It makes your gardens look beautiful all the years.
  • Heat has no effect on it.
  • It dries faster and has good drainage properties.
  • Artificial grass is safer for kids playing on it as it does not require any chemicals or fertilizer and is soft.
  • Artificial grass is Long-lasting and the expected life expectancy is 15 years approx.

Wall Grass

To give a wall aesthetic look, artificial grass is the best option. Al Asif provides you with a huge collection of artificial grass wall designs. Choose whatever fit your needs. It is a long-time solution for walls. Artificial grass provides a fresh new feel to the interior of your space.

Floor Grass

If you want to make a great first impression install artificial grass today. It makes your place productive and beautiful. It is perfect for outdoor and indoors. Artificial grass can be installed in gardens, balconies, terraces, offices, restaurants, displays, and more. Al Asif provides high-quality artificial grass for flooring. Visit us today and get 10% off.

Stairs Grass

You can give your stairs a unique and trendy look by installing artificial grass on the stairs. It is safe because it’s not slippery at all. Artificial grass will stay neat and clean as it can be washed easily. At Al Asif, our professional staff will guide you about artificial grass and help you in maintaining it. We have our shops to buy and install artificial grass in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Find best quality artificial grass at Al Asif. We believe in helping our clients from choosing the best design to installing and maintaining it. Our highly experienced staff will guide you to choose the most trendy artificial grass design. Contact us now for more details.