Rated Load : 2000W

Total Body Size: 595 x 575 x 595mm

Capacity: 81L

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Catalytic Self Cleaning:

To reduce the amount of cleaning required in your oven, some series of our ovens have stay clean liners fitted to the side wall of oven cavity. Made of highly absorbent material, our stay clean liners eliminate the need to clean these surface areas while in use of the oven.

Cool Door:

With three glazed glass doors as standard, the range also includes quadruple glazed glass door models, plus reflective glass as an option. These are cool to touch even whilst cooking at high temperature.

Food Probe (Optional):

Precisely control inside temperature of food, without risk of half baked.

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning:

The oven is especially designed and manufactured for heating up to through the cooking process.

All this can be done safely and efficiently by the oven.

The oven can be locked up for safety reason until the temperature goes down.

Uniform Convection Cooking: 

Unique convection plate design, effectively distribute hot air and more uniform temperature at every location of oven cavity.





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