C-930 G-PK


Optional: Knobs

Weight(kg): G.W: 22.2  N.W: 19.3

Product size / Cut-out size(mm): 890×500 / 816x460mm

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Innovative aesthetic design, Combination of majestic expression and efficient cooking experience

995G Brass Burner:

Heavy and durable full brass burners with enamel matte paint, Decorated with elaborate lathe finishing gold circle edge.

Non-deformation and non-discoloring features after longtime burning.

Diamond Cutting Glass Top Sheet:

8MM tempered glass with distinct black symmetrical corner cutting.

Not only with elegant apperance but also with better heat resistance.

X-Max Square Pan Support Design:

Durable and stable pan support for avoiding pan falling off.

Squared frame structure design for converging energy, Increasing heat efficiency and improving fire insulation.

Shiny Enamel Square Drop Tray:

Double sided enamel coating, Durable and rust proof drop extremely heat resistant and non-discoloring for longtime use.

Patent “THOR” and Powerful Burner:

Stepless work burner control stable multiple segments flames for multiple cook styles.

High performance work burner.


Work burner flame.

Enjoy delicious stir-frying food.


Soft and stable auxiliary flame for most tasted soup cooking.

Comprehensive Self-initiative Safety System:

Original Spanish flame failure device.

Child-Lock Valve and Knob:

Internal child-lock and micro-switches to avoid accidental ignition under condition of daily maintenance or child contact.

Overall Waterproof Design: 

360 degree water proof for safety- Knob and burner sealing rubber ring, Built-in desk rubber mat.

Easy Clean Design:

Integrated temper glass top sheet easy to clean off without residue.

Shiny enamel coating drop tray lock down the overflow liquid, Easy to clean off.

Removable burner heads for perfect clean.



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