Finish: Inox Body

Voltage: 220-240V/50hZ

Rated motor input power: 220W

Illumination: 5W

Switch: Soft touch control

Speed: 3

Suction capacity: 1320m3/h

Nosie: 53dB

Pressure: 400Pa


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Aesthetic and Industrial Design:

Integrated finishing

Brushed stainless steel, Laser seamless welding

Elegance design and for easy cleaning

Water-Proof Motor:

Better suction performance, Safer auto-clean

Turbo Suction:

Turbo function is available for work and deep fry

Normal suction: 20m3/min          Turbo suction: 22m3/min

Larger Air Inlet Exhausting Smoke Before Escaping:

Deeper hood cavity creates larger negative pressure zone, Avoiding smoke escaping

Extended Oil Filter:

35mm deeper 3D filter area constructs second negative pressure zone for more powerful suction performance

Lower Noise Level:

53 dB noise level, Enjoy quiet cooking environment

Steam and Hot Wash Auto-Clean:

Steamed gas grease melting

Hot water sourcing

Ultra speed cleaning

Spin dry

Auto clean- No need dismounting

Healthier Anti-Bacteria: Non-odoress noise

Clean interior- Keeps everlasting suction performance

Reminder- Use auto clean once every month is recommended




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